Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Bush is great...NOT

From political wire and think progress...

"I’ve a constitutional responsibility to nominate well-qualified men and women for the federal courts. I have done so."

-- President Bush, earlier today, just after nominating of Thomas B. Griffith to be U.S. Circuit Judge for the District of Columbia, a man the Washington Post noted "has been practicing law in Utah without a state law license for the past four years."

He's such a fuckin asshole...and Rick smells like poo

Monday, February 14, 2005

Bayh 08?

Now of course I shall never abandon the general, I believe, as I always have, that he is the right man to lead this nation and usher in a new era of Democratic control in Washington and across this nation.

But, if he decides not to run in 08 then my money is on Sen Bayh of IN. A former governor and attorney general, he wins by huge margins in a red state. And now he is speaking out against Bush and his policies more and more. He was gov for over 10 years and won by the largest margin of victory than any other IN governor.

And he's cute.

So maybe 2008 will be a Bayh year.

Dean as Chair

Well let it be said that I am not always right. Somehow Howard Dean did it. He is now the chair of the DNC. And I shall put my feelings aside and hope that he does what he says he will do. If he is committed to sticking with grassroots strategy and building up the party at the state level then kudos and I will support and help with anything I can do.

Congrats Dr. Dean. Do us all proud.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005


The General, Part II??

From Time:
"Among the earliest to start dialing around: Wesley Clark, who entered the '04 race just a few months before the first primary but quickly stumbled with a flip-flop on how he would have voted on Congress's Iraq-war resolution. Now he is telling potential supporters, according to one he called, that he "learned from his mistakes, he knows it takes more time and preparation than he put in--and that his wife is fully on board," which wasn't true the first go-round."

But for now just visit WesPAC

Simon 4 Chair

Today marks the beginning of the end for Howard Dean's chances to become DNC Chair. This is just all playing out like a condensed version of what happened a year ago with the great Dean implosion of 2004. We just need the scream.

Today former Rep. Martin Frost dropped out of the race. He was the favored anti-Dean candidate but now he's a goner. He was way too conservative anyway...then there's Donnie Fowler... good ole Donnie. While he had a brief stint for Wes, he just doesn't it for me. And now there are rumors that when he was directing operations in Michigan for Kerry he really didn't know what the hell he was doing. Hmm...maybe not such a good pick!

Well that means that the search for the Anti-Dean is still on! But who is left? Ah...Simon Rosenberg...Clinton war room veteran and New Democrat Network President and Founder. This guy has the guts, the experience and the plan to restore the Democratic Party. He even helped good ole David Brock secure funding for his excellent org, Media Matters.

And so my fellow Democrats...the anti-Dean is here...get the word out before it is too late!

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

No Dean As Chair!

During the primary last year I helped in the Stop Dean Campaign. Our movement got death threats and stalkers, but Dean quickly fizzled out after his famous scream speech.

Now he's back and the same thing seems to be happening. We are a month away from picking our Chair and Dean is the man to stop as he already has a ton of early endorsements. Unfortunately, there isn't really an anti-Dean people like me can run to like there was in the primary with The General. But we can't just sit back and hope that enough people will come to their senses like during the primary and this Dean Campaign will also crash and burn.

The man just does not deserve the post and here are the reasons...

A. Outside of liberals, people don't like him. He is abrasive, does horrible interviews, has a temper and has the horrible scream incident following him. People in the South and Midwest can't identify with him and the state parties won't care to.

B. There is nobody who divides the party like Dean. He did not come across in the primary as a uniter and that image hasn't changed. He was the renegade outsider and that is how he got his support. Should someone who referred to Members of Congress as Cockroaches really be our Chair?

C. Besides the scream, one of the reasons his campaign failed was because it was horribly managed. It turns out he grossly miscalculated his assets, he changed strategies abruptly, and he couldn't translate his internet Deaniacs into ground numbers when the time came. And who remembers those awful orange hats the Deaniacs wore in Iowa?

And that is just the tip of the iceberg. People say....But what about the internet! I say, what about it? Yes, I thank him for what he taught us about using the internet to our advantage. But now we have those skills, we demonstrated that with the Kerry Campaign and what more can he add to what we already have?

Howard Dean is a nice man from a nice state with nice maple syrup, but he would make an awful DNC Chair. It's nothing personal Howard, it's just politics.

The Inaugural Post

Those of you who know me know that I have been opposed to blogs. Especially the power and influence they have achieved as of late. But I don't want to be archaic or too old school so I decided it is time to move into the blog era. And besides, it gives me a chance to rant on the politics of the day and maybe a few people will take note. I shall try to make posts daily, but you know how that goes. Happy Reading!